T. Perrin Sledge

PC Carla Emmanuel’s loyalties are stretched to breaking point when her boss fatally shoots an unarmed black civilian during an arrest. A riot ensues, forcing her team to take refuge in a derelict community building. Facing the righteous anger of the community she grew up in, can Carla keep the peace long enough for back-up to arrive or will she and her fellow officers be held to trial by mob-justice?


Combining the genre thrills of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 with the social realism of 71, 98 MINUTES is a taught, claustrophobic drama ripped from the headlines where nothing is as simple as black and white.




Michael Sellar and his pregnant wife Jenny are turning a remote Outer Hebridean island into an exclusive holiday resort, but when six University students arrive to help prepare for the summer season, a long buried evil is awakened and the residents begin disappearing one-by-one. Culminating in a terrifying night of bloody vengeance, can Michael and Jenny escape the island with their lives?



3 Couples, 2 Killers, 1 Therapist, No Way Out


When a marriage therapist’s wife is killed in a hit and run accident, he lures the suspects into his therapy centre intent on routing out the culprit.


Therapy is a claustrophobic psychological thriller in which three couples must fight for their lives against the man who knows their darkest secrets.



Family fantasy adventure where two teenagers are transported to a world of living cloud and must fight for the survival of humanity


During a transatlantic flight, a freak accident rips Tom and Cat from their airplane seats, transporting them to the cloud world of Askesian. Here they are befriended by the kindly and wise Cirrians, Lucen and Sorel, and drawn into helping them thwart the evil Stratuns’ plans to invade the Earth.


On a journey of adventure, excitement and self-discovery in the land of living cloud, Tom and Cat will learn to fight wild Nimbos, surf the skies and harness the electrical powers of a storm. But will it be enough to save the Earth and can they ever find a way back home?


Cloudcatchers is based on a story by Brian Addison and T. Perrin Sledge

The project is represented by the Leo Media & Entertainment Group


Hugh Lindley and Ray Collins are trying to get from Scotland to London the hard way ...with each other.


Ray Collins is a hard-nosed ex MI5 agent. Hugh Lindley is a sensitive accountant who’s fled from being key witness in a government corruption trial. Ray has a vested interest in finding Hugh and making sure he faces his day in court. The only problem is that MI5 are also out to find Lindley, and shut him up for good.


With Ray’s experience he should be able slip Hugh under their noses and get away Scot Free, but hunter quickly becomes hunted and the journey back to London becomes a hectic cross-country chase.


Ray should be Hugh’s best hope of survival, but the bickering travelling companions may just end up killing each other before anyone else gets a chance.